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ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH

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About us

ALD Vacuum Technologies, Hanau, Germany, is a synonym for innovation in vacuum technologies at the highest level. With more than 70 representatives and subsidiaries worldwide, ALD is serving a challenging international range of customers.

ALD offers individual solutions which are geared to their respective tasks. The technological advancements in vacuum metallurgy, vacuum heat treatment and vacuum sintering technology make us a strong partner for important and growing future-oriented branches such as energy production, aviation, material production and processing and the automotive industry. Our ambition to provide the highest level of quality and technical perfection is strengthened by our determination to supply our customers with optimum service. Therefore, we are continuously developing new ecological processes, which are further improved in specialized operating companies, thus conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Products and services

ALD Vacuum Technologies supplies vacuum equipment and systems and offers process services for thermal and thermo chemical treatment of metals in solid and liquid form.

Vacuum Metallurgy

Primary Melting
• Vacuum Induction Melting and casting (VIM/VID/VIDP)

• Electro Slag Remelting (ESR)
• Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)
• Electron Beam melting (EB)

Casting and Coating
• Vacuum Induction Melting – Investment Casting (VIM-IC)
• Vacuum turbine blade coating (EB/PVD)

Special Furnaces
• Vacuum Induction melting Gas Atomizer (VIGA)
• Electrode Induction melting Gas Atomizer (EIGA)

Vacuum Heat Treatment and Sintering

Vacuum Hardening, Tempering
Vacuum heat treatment of tool steels and other metals in vertical and horizontal batch furnaces

Vacuum Case Hardening
Vacuum carburizing and high pressure gas quenching in MonoTherm, DualTherm, ModulTherm and SyncroTherm furnaces
Vacuum Sintering, Sintering in vacuum or under high pressure (HIP) up to 100 bar

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)

VAR Features:
• Ingot diameters up to 1,500 mm
• Ingot weights up to 50 tons
• Electrode is melted by means of a DC arc under vacuum (electrode negative, melt pool positive);
• Remelting currents up to 40 kA
• Vacuum range: 1– 0.1 Pa (some applications up to 1000 Pa)
• Electrode weighing system
• Coaxial high current feeding system
• Computer controlled remelting process according to remelting recipes (arc gap control, melt rate control, data acquisition system, print-out of melt records

Powder Metallurgy

Powder Metallurgy

Inert gas atomization, combined with melting under vacuum, is the leading process for the production of high-grade metal powders which have to meet specific criteria such as:
• Spherical shape
• High cleanliness
• Rapid solidification
• Homogeneous microstructure

• Ni-base superalloys for the aviation and power engineering
• Solders and brazing metals
• Wear-protection coatings
• MIM powders for components
• Sputter target production for electronics
• MCRALY protection coatings

Vacuum Chamber Furnace Monotherm

Vacuum Chamber Furnace Monotherm

The vacuum chamber furnace type MonoTherm® has broad capabilities and can be used in a wide variety of heat treatment processes like:
• Annealing
• hardening
• tempering
• brazing
• case hardening
The vacuum processing is especially useful for the treatment of high- and medium-alloyed steels. The heating can be convective or in vacuum. For quenching, inert gases are being used. With additional devices, the furnace can be modified for other processes, such as vacuum carburizing.

News & Innovations

Vacuum Induction Degassing (VID) Technology for Higher Steel Grades 

ALD's VID Technology – the Economic Alternative to Ladle Metallurgy • With VID Furnaces from ALD Mini Steel Plants can enhance their Material Quality by Degassing, Deoxidation, Desulphurization and Removal of Oxide-Inclusions • Forging Shops can cast their own Ingots with Advan...| » Further reading 

Vacuum Precision Casting of TITANIUM and TiAl 

Requirements in Melting and Casting of Titanium • Ceramic free melting: No contamination, no reaction with Oxygen • Vacuum-purifying of the melt Benefits of Titanium & Titanium Aluminides • Excellent mechanical properties • Low density • High corrosion resistanc...| » Further reading 

Break-through innovation: SyncroTherm® 

The all new SyncroTherm® - unit from ALD Vacuum Technologies provides for the first time the complete and total integration of heat treatment into the manufacturing work center. With this unit, the case hardening process is fully synchronized with the cycle of soft-machining, therefore allow...| » Further reading 


ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
Otto-von-Guericke-Platz 1
63457 Hanau

Phone: +49 6181 307-0
Fax: +49 6181 307-3290

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
Daev per., 20
107045 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 787 6734
Fax: +7 495 787 6732

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