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Bogdany Petrol Kft.

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About us

Bogdány Petrol Kft. is a Hungarian chemical company manufacturing mainly from hydrocarbons deriving from mineral oil refineries. The production plant is located in Nyírbogdány, 16 kms far from Nyíregyháza, with excellent logistical capability by the Ukrainian, Romanian and Slovakian border. Over 90 % of its products are delivered abroad, mainly in Europe but also overseas.

The company product groups are:

  • Vaselines in pharmaceutical (GMP), cosmetical and technical grades
  • Cable filling compounds for traditional and fibre optic cables,
  • Paraffin emulsions,
  • Anti-caking agents for fertilizers,
  • Special waxes and lubricants

Bogdany Petrol Ltd. possesses well-equipped, state-of-the-art, audited laboratory. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management systems of the company are audited by BSI (British Standard Institution). Bogdany Petrol Kft. is also a member of the European Wax Federation (EWF) fromt the beginning of 2011.

Products and services

BOGDANY PETROL Ltd is a long-term and reliable manufacturer of LUNECTRA® products - cable filling compounds to be used for different cable designs. LUNECTRA® products boast of high reputation not only on Russian cable producing market but in Europe as well. Main characteristics of the LUNECTRA® products are their excellent water-blocking abilities and usage for different temperature ranges. Whilst LUNECTRA® OC types are pseudoplastic and thixotrophic compounds for buffering or tube filling of various fibre optic cables, LUNECTRA® T-s are PJ (petroleum jelly) or modified PJ compounds both for hot and cold filling and flooding.
Furthermore a special member of the product group is LUNECTRA® ATG™ (Absorbing Thixotropic Gel), a cold applicable interstice filling compound swelling by water absorption. The LUNECTRA® OC, ATG™ and T series are in line with today’s market requirements and offer additional opportunities for tomorrow’s technologies as well.



LUNECTRA® OC 393-2 is an odourless, transparent gel, a mixture of oils and polymeric additives. LUNECTRA® OC 393-2 is a pseudo plastic, synthetic and special oil based compound for buffering/tube filling of various fibre optic cable designs, preferably used for standard applications up to elevated line speeds. LUNECTRA® OC 393-2 is compatible with most of the accustomed cable components; tube materials PBT, PA and similar, also with inks and coatings.


Bogdany Petrol Kft.
4511 Nyirbogdany

Phone: +36 42 232377

Judit Stankoczi
Commercial Manager
Phone: +36 202165449

Bogdany Petrol Ltd.
84/A Fehervari
1117 Budapest

Phone: +36 202165449

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